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Custom Tailored Framing

When there’s enough will, there is a way.  Our theory is Nothing Is Impossible unless we limit ourselves.  Tell us what’s in your mind and we will make it work.


You Can Rely

Our services cover almost all areas in construction and building design.  Talk to one of our specialist today and simply tell us your ideas.

Renovation & Interior Design

When there is a will, there is a way.  We truely believe everyone deserves a perfect living or working space that can enhance lives.  Talk to us about your idea and we will move over your new wonderful space.

Construction & Framing

Residential and Commercial building.  Specializing but not limited to structure framing and forming, we provide all spectrum of constructional services.

Additional Built & Rebuild

Anything that is in your mind?  We tressure that thought and we love to hear it!  At T1 our goal is to build or rebuild something exordinary.  Let’s get started!

Landscaping & Gardening

Full landscaping and gardening services available.  We design, create and up-keep your kingdom.

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I know there are too many things you want to find out, and yet there is unlimited information we can share here.  So let’s spend a few moments to have a chat or sit down to go over your next project and our next masterpiece!


Award winning skills and attitude!


“Angus F.”

At first we really didn’t know where to start…everything comes into place when T1 takes the lead…


“Louis N.”

And Yes!  We are constantly hiring because we are growing!

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Here at T1 believe everything starts with Square1.  And that Square1 in construction is the solid frame.  There after everything you dream of can be built on top.   


(778) 989-0226